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Joni's visitation

On Friday 3 May around 20 sisters from Jerusalem came together to pray for Joni and the baby in her womb (she told us what it will be :-), those who also want to know can find it at the bottom of this article!!) What a joy to see Joni, she received us in her own house just as Elisabeth once received Mary. It was an honor for everyone who could be there to be welcomed in the oasis of warmth and joy of the house of the Rogges.

After a warm welcome and a game in which we had to rescue animals from Noah's ark, the 'serious' part of the evening started. We took time to come before God and listened to an inspiring word from Maïté about the Biblical Elisabeth. After a short word from Joni about her pregnancy, we took plenty of time to pray for Joni and her baby. We left Joni some heart-warming and encouraging messages in an apple tree for their garden. We ended the evening with a snack and a drink and a chat.

It was nice to see how Suzanne, her mother and her Mamie, 3 generations of women, were praying for the safe arrival of their newest family member.

We keep the Rogges and especially Joni and her baby in our prayers in the coming weeks, for a safe delivery and a good start of the new life!

It's a boy!!

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