David (8): David the friend

May 9, 2019



Earlier this month Dave Quintana talked to us about David the friend. 


You can watch the video through this link


  • "Friendship takes effort. It’s work. To make, keep, cultivate, grow relationships we need to pay attention to it."

    • What is one thing I could decide to do to make be a better friend?

  • “God made us to be in relationship, with him and with one another”

    • What could I do to help my children grow in friendship, particularly with other boys/girls in the community? (A question for ‘younger' members)

  • “Give your brothers/sisters permission to speak into your life”

    • As receiver: Is my life fully ‘open' to my brothers/sisters to speak into? 

    • As giver: How well do I speak words of healing? Do I speak up when something is wrong? Do I speak words of courage, joy, life?





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