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European Zonal Council

The European Zonal Council took place in Poland from 20th of February through the 3rd of March 2019. The EZC brings together the senior coordinators and regional coordinators.

From left to right, Ralf Pourie (SC Brot des Lebens, Munich), David Quintana (Servants of the Word), Tony Laureys (Regional President), Stevie Mc Gill (SC Community of the Risen Christ, Glasgow) Doug Smith (SC Charis, Belfast), Brendan Lynch (SC Nazareth, Dublin), Andy Pettman (Taking on the role of Zonal President, Antioch, London), Paul Jordan (Kairos Director and SC Jerusalem, Belgium), Des Dick (Our European rep to the International Excom from Charis, Belfast), Andrzej Golik and Chris Markowicz (City on a Hill, Bielsko). Anton Colella, head of Community Building Team, was present only for part of the time.

A couple of highlights:

- Today we have only three Sword of the Spirit Communities on the European Continent. In a few years we could easily double that. We have been relating to a community in Gdansk for some years and in February they formally decided to begin formation as a Sword of the Spirit community. We have three other communities in Poland that we have regular contact with. The community in Bari, Italy recently sent 14 people to visit the Antioch Community in London. Our relationships with the groupings in Vienna continue. Since Christmas, there is a new group in Malta who are very interested in getting to know us also. The Lord is doing something. This is worth praying for!

- The brothers and sisters in Bielsko want to invite all of our European members to a summer conference in Ustron, Poland 1-8 August, 2020. Given the size of our work in Poland, this is a great opportunity. We encourage as many as possible to attend. Johannes Hartl from Augsburg will speak for the first days and thereafter we will offer a modified PTI track. This year, our summer conference takes place in Lambach, Germany, some of our Jerusalem members will attend.

Spiritual senses:

- We were reminded of our foundational prophecies, not to forget how the Lord has called us to be a bulwark for such a time as this. We need to keep our eyes on the basics of our foundations, holiness, service, loving the brothers and sisters and the Lord will do the building.

- Sense that beneath our feet the geological plates of the earth are shifting, there is a warfare that we cannot comprehend or see. We are called to live our lives as living sacrifices, living fully kingdom life and bringing others into that.

- Sense that the Lord wants to sharpen our sword of discernment for these times, to understand the signs of the times and cut through the lies of the enemy. We are empty vessels, may He fill us with His power that His glory may be made manifest.

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