Catching up with Javier

March 23, 2019


Who are you?

Javier Sastre. I'm 25 years old.



Short word on your time in Belgium? 

I came to Belgium in 2011 – 2012.

I lived in Leo XIII on the 4th floor with two Belgians (Simon & Maarten) and another gapper (Daniel). 



What is the best memory of your time in Belgium?

Other than sitting in a nice café on the Oude Markt in Leuven drinking a Karmrliet Tripel? 😊

I’d say taking the train alone and then hitchhiking to join Martha and Kate at Lac de la Gileppe. We walked around the entire lake and then caught a ride in the parking lot back to the train station.



A little word on your life right now? 

I live in Ypsilanti Michigan which is right next to Ann Arbor.

I’m married and we have a 9-month-old son named Oscar. I have been working in property management for the past 5 years and I am currently managing and leasing commercial properties but I am beginning to look into other carrier options. 



What can we pray for?

Health for my son Oscar as well as wisdom and patience for my wife and I as parents 😊




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