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Haven (2) – Legacy

Not just in Belgium, but all over Europe young professional outreaches are being started.

Two years ago we decided that we want to create a conference for young professionals in Europe, bringing together the different people from our outreaches to hear God for those needs we have as young professionals, to pray together, and to help us to discover our call in regards to our communities.

The initiative started in the US and so far we have successfully ran 2 conferences in Europe. Here's a picture from one of them, with our great guest speakers Claire Bick and Anton Collela.

This September, we also met with a new team to discuss our regional calling as a young professionals movement, called Legacy.

We have met together with Andy Pettman (our upcoming zonal president) and a team of 6 young people from UK, Ireland and Belgium. We discussed what our mission and calling is, which particular needs we have as Young Professionals, and which events can help us to discover our call in the SoS in Europe.

God is good, and we really had a lot of inspiration and good discussions.

We also elected Kevin Coyle from Glasgow to lead the current regional group and we are working on a plan for the upcoming years.

Somehow I also ended up in the group, and one of my main goals is to look out for all the young professionals in continental Europe.

The conference next year is also looking very promising. We will look at 4 topics: Our identity and purpose; Christians in the World, Evangelism and our Hopes and Dreams.

Please pray for us as we keep on seeking God’s vision for the regional work of young professionals. Please pray for Kevin Coyle, as he takes up this service. And please pray for all the other young professional groups in Glasgow, Belfast, Bielsko, Vienna, London and Dublin.

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