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A glimpse into Kim's visitation

We celebrated Kim's visitation on the 15th of October, when a number of the women from Jerusalem packed into the basement room at Rein's home to pray for Kim and her baby.

As is customary, we started off the evening on a light note with a little game which had us all in splits. We then proceeded to have a time of praise and worship, followed by very interesting teaching by Agnes on three of the wives of King David. Agnes gave us a fresh perspective on the marriages of Michal, Bethsheba and Abigail.

After this, Kim spent some time sharing with us how she and her family experienced this pregnancy. My personal favourite part of the evening, Kim told us how she and Sam felt the Lord put it on their hearts to have another child and following this prompting, how they prayed to St.Joseph, asking for this baby. They experienced the Lord's peace through this pregnancy and heard His voice when they decided on the baby's name, only to have Joachim come home from school one day to tell them what the baby's name was to be. It was exactly what they had decided on (and Joachim certainly did not know about it)! Kim also testified how all of this made them really understand how their children really belonged to God and that they are but stewards, leading them in the ways of the Lord.

After this, we gathered around Kim to pray for her and her baby. The ladies prayed and later wrote down words of encouragement and blessing. We ended the evening catching up with each other over some scrumptious treats.

It was truly a blessed time!

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