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PTI Ireland

Who are you?

Maité Van Overloop

What did you do with SOS? Where and when did this take place?

I participated in a mini-PTI, October 4-7, 2018 in Dromantine, near Dublin, Ireland

Some more explanation about this?

PTI is an abreviation for 'Pastoral Training Institute' and it offers teachings about a certain topic.

This time the topic was 'Love for neighbour' and the second table of the commandments. The sessions were given by Bruce Yocum and Bernhard Stock.

We gathered in an old seminary with about 30-40 people from different communities (Austria, Germany, Ireland, Schotland, Belgium, London and Londonderry). From our community Isabelle Mukendi and I were present.

Because this was a mini-PTI we had to prepare some teachings at home. We were to share with the people of our own comminity, so Isabelle and I got to share very deeply with each other our thoughts about the different topics.

What was a highlight of your time there?

The highlight for me was the prayer meeting, where we could come before the Lord as one people, across all languages.

What do you bring back to Jerusalem from your time there?

What sticks to my mind of the weekend is the story of the rich young man and more specific the loving way in which Jesus looked at him when He confirmed that the young man obeyed all commandments.

I'm convinced that the love of the Lord starts to work in your heart when you keep the commandments, but as is pointed out in the story, that is not enough. We have to keep asking ourselves the question 'What am I lacking?', as Jesus said to the young man "One thing you lack…".

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