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SOS-holidays (4): Sam & Kim in Germany

Who are you?

Sam & Kim, Joachim and Esther Geleyn.

What did you do with SOS during this summer season? Where and when did this take place?

We went on holiday with the Brot des Lebens community from Munich. This holiday took place in Nesselwang, Germany, August 25-29.

Can you explain a bit more?

Because many of the community members of the German community didn't make it to On Holiday 4 last summer, the community decided to organise a week of holidays together in the German Alps. Everyone could rent their own house in the same holiday centre. About 10 young families and some 'less young' community members took part, in total there were about 50 people. Everyone communicated through a Whatsapp group: where is the morning prayer taking place, who was planning on going on making a trip, who wanted to join,.. There was no pressure to participate in any of the trips and yet there was a strong sense of unity and love for one another. Community was really being built there!

What was a highlight of your time there?

Celebrating the Lord's Day with 20 adults and just as many children in a very tiny living room - what a great sense of unity in the Lord!

What do you bring back to Jerusalem from your time there?

For us it was very upbuilding and encouraging to see how strong it can be to have a common life with brothers and sisters. This enflamed in us the fire to build stronger relationships in Jerusalem and to find ways to build up our community life, also outside of community meetings.

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