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Start of a new Pharos year

New Pharos Logo

During the Summer Holidays, the Pharos Team has not been sitting around.

We decided on a new logo, and the Pharos Lounge got a renovation! The team cleaned and painted the walls and the ceiling, washed the curtains, all pillows and blankets, and reorganized the cupboards.

We hope the new Pharos Lounge will be an inviting place for people to come to Pharos and meet the Lord.

Here are some pictures of the renovations:

This coming semester Pharos will organise an Alpha Course.

Last Monday (8/10) we held the first evening and already we were able to see God at work.

We had a great variety of people that attending and are encouraged by their openess to hear about Christ. Some of them are already Christian, some are unsure about their faith and some don't believe in God but are nevertheless open to hear and discuss. Please continue to pray for us: that God may use this place and time to touch the hearts of many students in Leuven!

Thank you all for your support!

Alpha 1

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