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SOS-holidays (2): the Collets in Ann Arbor

Who are you?

Claire and Jean-François Collet and our 4 children: Agathe, Lucie, Samuel and Ombeline

What did you do with SOS during this summer season? Where and when did this take place?

We spent 5 weeks in Ann Arbor (Michigan), from the start of july until mid-August

Some more explanation about this?

For our family Ann Arbor is a place where we can come home to.

We spent 3 beautiful years there at the beginning of our marriage.

It's a place where we got to know the SOS and this gave us much joy and amazement.

Ann Arbor is the place where we got our call.

Every time we go back there God really talks to our hearts.

What was a highlight of your time there?

We were united again with Agathe after a year of being apart. That was a very happy moment.

Also, we were privileged to spend some ime wit Ed Conlin, our big brother in Christ. We are very touched by his beautiful mission with the poor people of Detroit.

What do you bring back to Jerusalem from your time there?

The power of the bonds with our brothers and sisters in Christ… and the fact that it goes beyond time and borders…

Les Collets

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