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SOS-holidays (1): Spok in Poland

Who are you?

Daniel Spokoinyi

What did you do with SOS during this summer season? Where and when did this take place?

I joined the Polish Community for their annual retreat.

Mid-August 2018, Bielsko, Poland

Some more explanation about this?

Every year the Polish community goes for a retreat near Bielsko. As they really are trying to become more connected to the Sword of the Spirit, they have asked people from other communities to join their retreat. Tony Laureys and I decided to go. I have stayed with all the younger people (students and young professionals), and have spent the entire week with the community. One day we also joined the community from Gdansk, together with Q (David Quintana), where we have shared some aspects of living Christian Community.

What was a highlight of your time there?

Each evening there was a prayer time, and they were very strong. Worshipping with about 300 people is a real joy: a time filled with good songs sung together with active participants, we really filled the church with a sense of worship.

What do you bring back to Jerusalem from your time there?

I have a heart for Poland, and really would like to help them to get more connected to other communities in Europe.

What I bring back is mainly to be encouraged by seeing how many young people, families and young professionals are really giving future to the community, a little bit like in Jerusalem.

I have gained a few new, and strengthened many old friendships with people from the community there. I pray that we will be able to build more good connections and friendships with the Polish community.

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