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Men's Archery Tag

On August 1, two teams of brave archers were challenged to compete against each other in the forest in Oud-Heverlee.

The first team consisted of Ward, David, Jeroen and Spok, and they had to stand against Maarten, Alex, Nick and Elias. Some witnesses thought it was archery tag (archery with soft arrowhead).

The first round decided who, as a team, could last, while in the second round two cones of the other team had to be won tactically.

When the last bit of light threatened to disappear, the end result was optimal teamwork and a lot of missing arrows.

After both teams got back together and after the Catholics among them had made a request to St. Anthony, the number of missing arrows could be reduced to a few arrows.

To celebrate the shared victory, Jeroen treated us at home with a drink, and Jonas also accompanied us to listen to the story of our adventures.

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