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Awake O harp and lyre

1. Awake, O harp and lyre,
awake the morning.
First light of day descends
to lift my soul.
Your presence greets me,
stirs me to seek Thee.
I come to do Your will


Open my lips, Oh Lord,
my mouth shall sing your praise.
Open my eyes to see your hand this day.
My heart is steadfast for Lord

Your love is steadfast.
I will awake the dawn.


2. In you my soul takes refuge,
your wings protect me.
You come from heaven

and you rout my foe
I cry to you Lord, I am delivered,
I praise your faithfulness.


3. I will give thanks to you, Lord,
among the peoples,
among the nations

I’ll sing praise to you.
O be exalted, highly exalted
your glory to the skies.

Ed Conlin © 2006 The Servants of the Word

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