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Jerusalem is like a big family – we get together often and have regular contact with one another. Our people tend to see one other at least once a week. It may be the monthly community worship gathering or the men’s or women’s group twice a month where we share our lives with another and of course in the missionary activity of the community described below.


Our Friday Night Worship aims to bring young people together to build friendships, strengthen personal faith and worship God.

Pharos Student Outreach

For over 10 years we have been reaching out to students in the Leuven area…

"My women’s small group is great… Jesus’ call to be a disciple is a lifelong project. I’ve grown so much personally through the chance to share my life with other women and be supported by their encouragement and sometimes challenging example!”

“Getting together with a couple of families on a Saturday evening is always a highlight for me. We typically open the Lord’s Day together with a few prayers and share a good meal. The kids love it.”

“Living close by one another is great – there are around 10 households – young families or single people – all within a short bike ride! Knowing you can call on people for practical help or to enjoy a meal together is a blessing. It’s a great way to support one another especially when you have small kids.”

“For me, the monthly worship gathering is a place to worship with my Jerusalem family… “

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